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The only thing better than a hedge against inflation, is a hedge against inflation that you can actually wear and enjoy. That's where watches come in. Bloomberg released an article advising that in 2023 you should consider diversifying your portfolio by purchasing luxury timepieces, and it's true. In the last five years Breitling watches alone shot up 13% higher in value, and that's taking into account 2021 inflation spike and price correction.

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I am local and was able to do a face meetup, and Newton helped make every step seamingless and easy. Couldn't ask for a better transaction.

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Between the time purchased, all the way up to receiving my package, it only took a 3 days. Fast, and the packaging was on point!

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My watch is immaculate. I fell in love with it through the photos, but honestly not even the photos did this watch justice. Thank you guys!

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